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Home Gym Organizer Spin Bike Shelf (Perfect for Peloton): Customizable

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Keep your home gym neatly organized and your spin and yoga accessories all at arm's reach during your workout.

Wooden & Metal storage rack for home gym

Great to place next to your Peloton, spin bike, or treadmill.


31 x 25 x 6 inches

This Home Gym Wall Rack (the "Standard") comes with the following:

  • 4 shelves (phone, water bottle, towel holder, and one shelf)
  • 2 hooks (perfect for hanging resistance bands, yoga strap, heart rate monitor)
  • spin shoe hooks: for one pair of spin shoes
  • chalkboard (use chalk, chalk pens, chalk pencils)
  • metal is magnetic! 

Add-on Options:

  • The Yoga Bundle: includes yoga block holder (holds 2) and an adjustable yoga mat holder
  • See our Accessories listing: weight holder, additional hooks & shelves, etc.

When ordering you have a choice of:

  • Frame color & material: 
    • White or Black. PVC: our most affordable option. Shelves & hooks are made out of wood.
    • White Paint: handpainted
    • Black Paint: handpainted
    • Kona stain
    • Black paint with red inner trim: at a slightly higher price due to the extra labor involved 
  • Metal color: black or white
  • Perforated metal shape: squares or circles (Note: frame with circle metal can only be hung horizontally, while the square metal can be hung both vertically & horizontally)
  • Background color: black or white
  • Shelves match the frame color unless you request otherwise
  • Interested in a different stain? Send us an email with a request


Hangs easily using the included french cleat system. 


Each piece is crafted and painted by hand so no two will be identical. Slight imperfections are part of the charm.

*This product is not endorsed nor affiliated with Peloton.